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Want to join our team?

Hello, my name is Dennis Peterson and I am the Head of Sales and Marketing for Colorado Mask ltd.

We are a small company with a mission to ensure that anyone who wants or needs a mask gets them, especially the “left behind” places like rural hospitals and retirement communities.

Due to our size we are constrained in our abilities to make this happen. We have good suppliers who can get us as many masks as we need, but we do not have enough people doing sales (specifically phone calls) to utilize our capacity to help others out. We are currently looking for at least 48 remote sales people (at least one for each state excluding Alaska and Hawaii for the time being, you do not have to be located in any particular state) who will be hired over the coming weeks in batches of 6 to 12 at a time.

What you will do

Make calls to generate leads, build relationships, and close sales.

Keep accurate records of activities (sales made, stock sold, etc).

Maintain regular communication during work hours to ensure critical updates can be delivered in a timely manner.

Job perks

Freedom to work how you prefer with minimal interference from management

Flexible work hours

No previous experience required – perfect for anyone looking to switch to a career or gain experience in sales

Optional training available to help ensure you have the knowledge and skills to excel

Opportunities for long term employment and management positions

100% Commission based which means the potential for making money is uncapped

Job downsides

Selling is hard work – Unlike most jobs, salespeople will face constant rejection on a day to day basis

100% Commission based – there is potential to make no money if you make no sales. Some days will be good and some will not be good

Flexible work hours – while your hours are flexible the most successful sales people will put in the most hours (35-60 hours a week of actual work)

Freedom to work how you want – No one will be there to hold your hand and guide you in your day to day operations, you will have to have the discipline and drive to set your own targets and goals

1099 Contractor position – We will not provide you health insurance or other similar benefits

Who we are looking for

We value honesty and integrity above all else

We want people who are looking for short term opportunities (2-9 months). Top contractors will get a chance to become a full time employee with benefits

We want people with discipline, drive, and the ability to effectively manage their time

We want people who are eager to learn

We want people who are able to keep detailed records of sales activities

Requirements and preferences

Required: US Citizenship or the ability to work in the US legally

Required: Residency in the US

Required: 18 years old or older

Required: GED or High School Diploma

Required: A computer, stable internet connection (for communication and calls using VOIP), headset with microphone for VOIP calls, quiet work environment.

Preferred: 1+ years of sales experience

Preferred: Associates or Bachelors Degree (with a preference for Psychology, Business, Sales, Communications, or Economics)

Please submit your resume to

Please include an audio version of your resume (read by yourself) if possible